Replicaco - Wired money and never recieved product

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I placed an order with replicaco over a month ago and still have not received my watch.I emailed them before placing the order asking for additional information and pictures of the watch.

'Clive' emailed back that day with the info and pictures. I then proceeded to place an order with them through a wire transfer since 'Clive' told me it would save me a few hundred dollars. The wire transfer went through nearly a month ago and I still have not received my watch. Now when I try to email them, it says their account was deactivated.

When I call, it goes straight to their voicemail and never receive a call back.

AVOID buying from them at all costs.Do not make my mistake.

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Lima, Lima 0 comments

SG1735124, thats their order number.

we paid via western to spain near usd 1,000 and they never fulfill / deiver. we paid on late sep 2010 until now 1 dec 2010 only lies, silence and unfuilfilment.

this tricky people must go to jail, they acting fraudulent openly. they use to receive their western union money un marbella spain. lets stop them !!

their original message

>>-----Original Message-----

>>From: []

>>Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 8:15 AM

>>To: Mario Olaechea

>>Subject: RE: Bentley BB02


>>Hi Mario


>>Please find payment details again for your watch order


>>Order Number: SG1735124

>>1X. BB02 / Swiss Grade One / white face / SS Band / Swiss ETA



>>I have included the $100 discount for Western Union payment.

>>Western union will charge a sending fee, this you can deduct from


>>the total below.


>>Please issue payment to our handling agent using the following



>>Total to send: $798.00


>>Issue to:

>>First Names: Lord, Alexander

>>Last Name: Bright


>>Address: Puerto Banus

>>City: Marbella

>>Province: Malaga

>>Country: Spain

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Replicaco - Fake swiss watches

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Not resolved

i purchased a swiss replica rolex submariner two tone 18k from zenith the watch did not have the serial and model numbers between the also had a bogus certificate to match the watch.the watch also came damaged.something is loose inside the movement.i called them several times.they promised a replacement which i never received.they now will not return my phone calls or give me a refund.please stay away from these guys!i paid 950 dollars for this watch!347-429-2771.also someone needs to check flawless i bought the same watch from had no engravings between the lugs but supposed to be a true swiss grade one.i contacted them and they said all models dont come with the serial numbers and model numbers engraved.for 850 dollars i would hope so.



what does this have to do with

when you say you purchased the watch from!!


Replicaco - Are scams and liars

Abington, Pennsylvania 0 comments
Not resolved are scams and liars

A company like should not be in business. All they do is lie to their costumers. should be ashamed of themselves.

Like the saying goes " You get what you pay for." Do not go by the website when they say " Our pictures match our watches 100% guaranteed." What a lie. The watches are not scratch resistant at all. When i received my replica watch there was a scratch on the glass. has been in business for over 10 years now. And all they do is lie and scam and steal peoples money.

Arron Chomsky

Replicaco - Crooks

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Not resolved are crooks

What is with How can they possibly still be in busy? How come they can take your money and not give you what you paid for?

As you can see already i placed an order with I paid by western union. And in return i got a lousy piece of *** instead. needs to be shut down. They are not there for their costumers. When i called and spoke with a man by the name of Dave. He said he would sent out the right watch right away. That was over two months ago.

No one will take my calls. They have no intentions of sending me my right watch. Be careful when ordering from Or you get what you deserve.

Robin Montgomery

Replicaco - Whats with this company

Abington, Pennsylvania 1 comment
Not resolved whats with this company

When you go to their website you can read all you want about there company. But when you try to click on a watch link you can not get to see their merchandise.

When i tried to call the number provided on the website they do not ever answer the phone. So how they expect someone to place an order that is willing to give them their money. says they have been in business for a very long time. How is that possible if you can not place an order with them.

I do not understand how is still in business. Please someone shut them down.

Riley McGovern



Quit trying to buy illegal knock offs then.

Cheap posers with self-esteem issues are the only people who buy those.

Save up and buy the real thing, don't support pirating.

Replicaco - Are scam artist

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Not resolved are scam artist

How can a business like still be in business after all these years. I placed an order with After three weeks of placing my order i still did not receive my replica watch.

So i called and spoke with someone by the name of Dave. He apologized for the delay and took down my phone number and said he would find out what was going on. And he would give me a call back. I gave him 24 hours to call me back and he did not call.

So i called back and they would not answer any of my phone calls. Which tells me they have caller i.d.. They are the biggest scam artist out there.

Jack Jones

Replicaco - Needs to be shut down

Abington, Pennsylvania 2 comments
Not resolved needs to be shut down make so many promises on their website and do not stand by them. I placed an order with for a replica rolex watch over four months ago. and Dave told me that i could swim in the watch as long as the crown was screwed down tight.

I had no intentions of getting my watch wet. But i started to do my dishes and forgot i had my watch on. And it got wet of course. It stopped working. Now everyday when i put it on i made sure the crown was on tight. So i called back and told them the problem. They were not even willing to exchange my was for the same one. So not i am out of a watch and my money.

Like i said needs to be shut down for good. They do not stand by their word.

John Stewart



Wow!i'm glad I read these complaints.

I was about to place an order with them.Thanks!


I totally agree. I sent the money order and never received my watch. When i tried contacting them no reply.

Replicaco - Is a sorry excuse for a company

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Not resolved is a sorry excuse for a company

Before i placed my order with I read everything there was to read on their website. and on their website they tell you if you are not satisfied with your purchase they will give you your money back 100% guaranteed.

When i called the number provided on their website i spoke with Dave. He told me they stand by everything they have on their website. So i trusted them and placed an order. I paid almost $550 for a watch that was not even what i ordered.

So i called back. I told them i wanted my money back. And they told me no only exchanges. So i read to them what was on their website. He told me that was not their policy. This company needs to be shut down.

Lilli Prescott

Replicaco - Is a waste of peoples hard earned money

Abington, Pennsylvania 2 comments
Not resolved is a waste of people's hard earned money

I ordered a Replica Rolex watch from over two months ago. I paid over $600 on my American Express credit card. And still til this day i still have not received anything from

When i placed my order with i spoke with a man named Dave. I have called this company back on several occasions. I have left them messages also. I have sent them several emails. And still no one will answer me back.

How can still be in business after 14 years if they are not giving their costumers their merchandise that they have paid for. Like i said before they are a waste of people's hard earned money.

Twanda Johnson



They take Amex... go test it yourself, create fake info then proceed to checkout. Amex is an option, and even worse Western Union is an option.

Bishops Stortford, England, United Kingdom #25946

Hmm.....Bogus review I think Twanda

They don't even take Amex!!

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